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Our Process

From design and engineering, thru prototype and production to shipping and delivery, we constantly work to achieve the best result for our clients.

We Know What Matters to You

 It Matters to Us Too

RMFI engineers bring years of sheet metal fabricating experience to bear on even the most complex problems. With the ability to anticipate and resolve manufacturing challenges even before the process is begun, we ensure the development of products that can be manufactured easily and cost-effectively.


How Long Will It Take?
  • Send your prints and solid models to us through our sales staff or upload through our “request a quote” feature on the web site.
  • We’ll typically have a quote back to you within 48 hours. Simple parts, the same day. Quotes for complex or a large number of parts may take longer.
  • Our typical lead time is 4 weeks. Lead time depends on material availability, part complexity, and number and types of finishing processes. A simple aluminum part without finish requirements can be delivered in 2 weeks or less while a complex multi-part welded chassis requiring plating, powdercoat and silkscreen may take 4-5 weeks.
  • We welcome requests for quick-turn. We manage expedited orders through the factory with prioritization in our ERP work flow manager as well as visual queues on work order travelers highlighting hot jobs that need to flow through process steps quickly.
What size jobs does RMFI handle?
  • HMFI has a 20,000 square feet facility and can handle prototype to production volumes. Order quantities range from 1-5 for prototypes to many thousands for volume production.
  • Examples
    • Small battery box, plated and with PEM hardware installed: 1000-2000/month
    • Medium complexity multi-bend single component part: 25-500 per month
    • Large (4U) multi-part welded chassis with card-guide, plating, powdercoat and electronic component assembly: 1200/month
    • Larger electronic cabinet, plated, painted, silkscreen and riveted assembly: 25-50/month
What if we change plans in the middle?

At RMFI, we pride ourselves in accurate documentation. When we accept an order, we have reviewed your print, notes and solid model for all features and requirements and have produced a quote that will meet the details of your design.

If that requirement changes … no problem.

  • It may be a simple clarification.  We’ll note that on the print markup and on the work order. 
  • If there is a revision change, we will update the print revision in our databases, send an updated quote reflecting the change.  You will send a revised PO also reflecting the change.  We will update the work order traveler and prints that go with the manufacturing process flow and if the work order traveler is already on the factory floor, we’ll replace it with the revised version. 

What if we have already started on the part?

We’ll give you a detailed quote for what it takes to finish the part to the new revision.  Any rework, remake or re-start will be factored into cost and lead time.  We will do our best to make the impact to cost and lead time as small as possible.

What if I don’t have prints?

We can work with you to develop a set of prints for your product.

We have in-house CAD and design capability that will take your concept and turn it into a manufacturable, cost-effective product.

What will you provide

Design requirements, sketches, dimensions, tolerances, materials, finish, hardware.

Use the “Punch List” available on our web site to select standard punch shapes.  Using available punch tooling can save lead time and the expense of tooling costs.

What will we provide

  • Process capabilities and tolerance recommendations
  • Design concepts for simplifying and improving manufacturability and cost
  • Detailed drawings and solid models

Even before production, RMFI is there to improve the product and the process

During the product development cycle, RMFI collaborates with customers from product design to prototyping to volume manufacturing.

During the initial phases of development, RMFI’s engineering personnel serve as a resource to our client’s design staffs which is especially critical to our clients who downsized their own product development operations.

By providing design and engineering services to our clients, we can help to improve their speed to market.

Our value engineering capability can lower your cost

Our expertise can also help OEMs improve the many functionality of their legacy products. Using a process known as value engineering, our team evaluates a customer’s product looking for ways to reduce manufacturing costs and to simplify assembly (DFMA). Value engineering delivers parts at a lower cost that are easier to assemble.

Real-time information keeps you up-to-date on the status of your order at all times

The processes used for sheet metal fabrication have changed dramatically in the last few years. Customer specifications can now be sent electronically, and the latest equipment using digital scanners and lasers speeds up production.

Throughout the manufacturing process, from quoting to final product delivery, our process is fully-automated with bar-coded scanners to give you real time information on your parts should you need to expedite and to insure your parts are delivered on time.

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Located in Sunnyvale, we have served clients throughout the Bay Area – from San Jose to San Francisco and Oakland, over to Sacramento, across the United States, and overseas for over 40 years

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