Case Studies

Customer Challenge:
The customer needed support in the developement of a new complex chassis assembly. The chassis was assembled from nearly sixty separate sheet metal parts and nearly a dozen purchased parts. The customer needed to reduce the development time and get beta systems shipped in under a month's time.

Our customer engineering and production experts worked closely with the customer's engineering group to develop the multiple prototype versions of each of the parts. We provided extensive assistance at the design stage to reduce the trial and error phase of prototyping this many individual parts. Once the customer settled on their final designs we took their solid model files and fabricated, assembled, and shipped their beta systems in a little over two weeks. The chassis assembly has been successfully brought into full production and we are shipping hundreds of turnkey assemblies to the customer's contract manufacturer.

Customer Challenge:
The customer had existing PC boards, power supply and other electronics that needed to be packaged in a 1U chassis that had yet to be designed. The customer needed to show the new product at a major customer event in Las Vegas in two weeks. Their mechanical engineering group in India needed two weeks, just to do the design.

Responsible Metal Fab. Solution:
Since it was obvious that the customer's engineering team would not complete the design in time, we had the customer bring us all of the electronic parts to be used in the chassis, along with the basic dimensional specifications of the chassis. Our customer engineering experts designed, fabricated and shipped a complete chassis within 1.5 weeks to the customer. They were able to meet their critical show deadline and present the finished product to their major customer.